Pixel Opt-Out Status
Quora uses data about your browsing activity to help personalize ads and content, as described in our Pixel Privacy Terms. If you would like to opt out of collection of browsing data via our Pixels, you can change your settings using the options below. Please be aware that this may impact Quora’s ability to serve you the content and advertisements most relevant to your interests.
If you are logged-in to your Quora account: This opt-out setting will be associated with your account, and it will be effective across all the devices and browsers that you use to access the Quora Platform.
If you don’t have a Quora account, or are not logged-in: This setting is tied to your cookies, and will only be effective on your current device and browser. If you change device or browser (or use multiple device and browsers), you will need to complete the opt-out procedure for each device and browser. If you clear or delete your cookies, then your opt-out may no longer be effective, and you will need to return here to obtain your opt-out status.
For more complete details, please see our Privacy Policy and Pixel Privacy Terms.
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Data collection from Quora Pixels is currently on for this browser. If you would like to change your settings, you can do so by clicking here to disable data collection from Quora Pixels.